Catherine Sally McCallister

Catherine Sally McCallister is a 25-year-old semi-professional sports person who enjoys going to the movies, binge-watching boxed sets and helping old ladies across the road. She is exciting and giving, but can also be very calculative and a bit stingy in praising people.

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Hey everyone! Coach Jerik here. I just wanted to give everyone an update on what to expect via programming in the immediate future. We...

August Athlete of the Month: Heather Stratton

August’s Athlete of the Month is Heather Stratton! Heather’s been a Solcana member for over a year and is committed to putting in the...

Saturday, September 5th 2020 – San Francisco CrossFit

Outdoor WOD A) 10 minute EMOM: 1 power snatch w/1 sec pause an inch off the ground + 1 overhead squat + 1 power...

Saturday 9.5.2020

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TUESDAY, SEPT 8TH – Potrero Hill CrossFit

REQUIRED by the City of San Francisco: Short COVID-19 Questionnaire before EVERY class. CLICK HERE. CLICK HERE to learn more on what you need...

Friday 03/13/2020

Daily workout:Warm up:2 rds10 goblet squat with heart beat10 push ups30 second plank10 ring rows Part A: 6 rds Kb front carry Partner push...

Monday 9.7.2020

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09/05/20: Saturday – CrossFit 908

Now hosting outdoor group classes and private training, as well as live virtual group classes. Today’s classes: Outdoor WOD – … Source

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