Catherine Sally McCallister

Catherine Sally McCallister is a 25-year-old semi-professional sports person who enjoys going to the movies, binge-watching boxed sets and helping old ladies across the road. She is exciting and giving, but can also be very calculative and a bit stingy in praising people.

Why Making the First Move Is the Secret to a Healthy Relationship

How to step out of your comfort zone and make the first move in your relationship! It might be the secret to a healthy...

Pharma drew a line over Covid-19 vaccine readiness because it had to

Trump may want a Covid-19 vaccine to ship before the election, but drug makers don't appear ready to cooperate — at least, not on...

Thoughts On Working Out At Home, 5 Months Later

It seriously blows my mind to think that it’s been almost 5 months since I’ve taught or taken a fitness class IRL. How crazy...

EUROTRASH News Round Up Monday!

Not enough covid security at the Tour. Result from the Tour, Baby Giro, Coppi e Bartali, Bosnia and Baltyk Tour. Race news. Rider news....

Biig Piig releases new music and talks with LADYGUNN

Irish singer and rapper Biig Piig talks about signing with a label and her songwriting process Source:

Baked Zucchini Chips (Thin & Crispy)

Zucchini chips are a delicious way to turn summer squash into a healthy and satisfying snack. They're low-carb and keto friendly! Source:

Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% Review

The Alphafly Next% is the flagship Nike marathon racing shoe and is deserving of its premium price. Light, breathable Atomknit makes its debut while...

Study links brain astrocyte dysfunction to Parkinson’s disease pathology

A new study using induced pluripotent stem cell technology links astrocyte dysfunction to Parkinson’s disease pathology. Source:

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